Events and activities conducted during the year 2018-2021

Events and activities conducted during the year 2018-2021


  1. Inauguration of action plan and launching of the website
  2. Housing programme
  1. Housing help to Ethiopia 
  2. Flood Housing project
  3. Centenary Housing Project
  1. Flood Relief programme 
  2. Grace Project 
  3. Centenary day Social Service programme - TVM
  4. Students Aid programme
  1. Bag distribution in Nedumangadu and other places 
  2. Bag distribution at Deepagiri
  3. Veronica Aid to poor students in Nedumangadu, Pathanamthitta
  4. Educational AID to Kanjiramkulam, Angamoozhy
  5. Educational Aid for Nursing through Breher Foundation
  1. Medical Assistance  
  2. Marriage Assistance
  3. Consultative Assistance
  4. Publication of Videos, Websites and Brochures
  1. Websites

  1. Brochure & Action Plan

Navajeevan birds



  1. Videos

Bethany Ashram Centenary Video- English

Bethany Social Service

Documentary on Nature cure

Bethany karunalaya